Identity, Experience, Expression – inextricable aspects of who we are, and who we are not, who we long to be with and who we long to become.

I welcome clients who are:

  • Trans: Non-binary, Genderqueer, Genderfluid, Androgynous, Bigender, Polygender, Ambiguous, Agender, Gender Non-Conforming, Two Spirit, Intersex, Gender Divergent, Autigender, Gendervague, Questioning, non-identifying, cisgender, etc.
  • Queer: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, greysexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, questioning, non-identifying, heterosexual, etc.)
  • Polyamorous

looking for support around:

  • Questioning & exploring gender and sexual identity
  • Unrequited love
  • Loneliness and abandonment
  • Trust and betrayal, grief and loss
  • Identifying, Communicating & Re-enforcing healthy boundaries
  • Navigating identity conflicts, contradictions, multiplicities
  • Navigating the relationships between gender and sexual identity and expression
  • Navigating Intimacy and Close Relationships
  • Romantic friendships and asexual/aromantic relationships
  • Identifying, addressing and coping with discrimination and interpersonal power imbalances
  • Healing from sexual and emotional abuse
  • BDSM / kink
  • Sex work