Whatever your personal and professional circumstances are, I will support you to come into deeper alignment with your creative process, flow, and method, to better articulate your vision, optimize your efficiency, and strike an optimal work-life balance.

I work with a diversity of clients who are:

  • Artists
  • Academics / public intellectuals / scientists / students / researchers
  • Activists / healers / entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, community organizers

Related to the following:

  • Self discipline & accountability
  • Motivation, focus & efficiency
  • Self and community actualization
  • Establishing a healthy work-life balance
  • Overcoming perfectionism and procrastination
  • Healing from workaholism, burnout & compassion fatigue
  • Coping with stress and long hours
  • Leadership and mentorship development
  • Getting to the root of creative blocks
  • Clarifying life purpose
  • Workplace boredom and meaninglessness
  • Reconnecting with your creative rhythm
  • Nurturing neglected areas of creativity and passion
  • Managing impulsivity and mania
  • Establishing a routine and structure

Creativity lies at the heart of what makes us feel alive. It involves taking a chance and leaping into the unknown: creative freedom involves letting go, exploring, making mistakes, discovering new possibilities, and having fun! Creativity exists within everyone and is at the source of connecting to oneself and others. As an artist, I understand how limiting words can be when it comes to communication. I offer my experience in using visual communication methods such as graphic recording, visual narrative, and graphic organizers as aids to help you articulate and conceive of your ideas.